my name is Michael Frank, I am a football agent licensed by FIFA.

In 2020 I founded my own boutique football agency, that operates internationally in advising and brokering players and clubs, with a main focus on the football markets of Europe and South American.

Besides more than 14 years of experience as a football agent, I studied Sports Management and I hold an Executive MBA from Real Madrid Graduate School of Universidad Europea de Madrid.

I also was a visiting MBA Student at the Columbia University New York.

My core competencies include negotiation, networking, scouting, recruiting, strategy, analysis and innovation.

I am always up to date with the latest technologies and trends in football, such as big data and artificial intelligence, and have acquired several certificates in these areas.

My mission is to promote football, discover and develop talent, and do fair and transparent business.

I am a passionate, committed and collaborative partner to my clients and colleagues, and I strive for excellence and sustainability in my industry.

Best regards,



A football agent is defined as a natural person licenced by FIFA to perform football agent services on behalf of a client with the purpose of concluding a transaction. Such a person may represent players, coaches, clubs, single-entity leagues and member associations (hereinafter “Clients”).

A transaction is:
– the employment, registration or deregistration of a player with a club or a single-entity league;

– the employment of a coach with a club, single-entity league or a member association;

– the transfer of the registration of a player from one club to another;

– the creation, termination or variation of an individual’s terms of employment.

Only individuals licensed by FIFA as football agents are permitted to provide football agent services to Clients.

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